My Mistake On Converting Slice To Slice Of Ptr In Golang

Apr 22, 2021  ·  ~1min read
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I once made a function to convert a slice to slice of ptr and made a mistake.

My Function

func Slice2SliceOfPtr(slice []int) []*int {
	n := len(slice)
	r := make([]*int, n, n)

	for i, s := range slice {
		r[i] = &s

	return r

It seems normal to me until I realize something was wrong.

My Main Func

func main() {
	x := []int{1, 2, 3}
	y := Slice2SliceOfPtr(x)


	for _, yy := range y {
		fmt.Printf("%d ", *yy)


$ go run main.go 
[1 2 3]
3 3 3

Why only the last element copied to the result?

Because the &s I used is mutated every iteration.

for i, s := range slice {
	r[i] = &s

s never created as a new variable on every iteration, but its value is mutated inside the for loop

So I changed the iteration like this:

Better One

for i := range slice {
	r[i] = &slice[i]
Thank you for reading!