Create Redis Sets With Member Expiration

tech · Oct 29, 2020 · ~3 min
Photo by @aronvisuals on Unsplash
Photo by @aronvisuals on Unsplash

Redis is a good in-memory key-value data store that supports many types of value. Sorted Sets is one of them. According to the docs sorted sets is:

Sorted sets, similar to Sets but where every string element is associated to a floating number value, called score. The elements are always taken sorted by their score, so unlike Sets it is possible to retrieve a range of elements (for example you may ask: give me the top 10, or the bottom 10).

What they didn’t say about sorted sets is the expiration of sets members can’t be defined, at least until this blog post is created. Why do we need to define sets members expiration?

Well, in my case I’ve required to create a phone service that could generate and verify OTP that sent to the users with a specific limit. The prior design is using Golang Rate Limit that I thought it couldn’t be horizontally scalable. That’s why I thought that I would use Redis for this case. The requirement for generating OTP is only like this:

That’s why I came up with Redis sets but sets members can’t have its own expiration time. Then I was googling around until I found this issue comment by @pietern. This is quite a hacky move, but at least it is doable. That’s why I tried to implement it. Once again comments on Github saved my job.

The idea is quite simple, using the score on sorted-sets as an expiration millis. Fetch the valid members that have a score between current millis and current millis + Y minutes and remove the expired members that have a score between zero and current millis. So the minimum pseudocode would be like this:

# define variables
timeLimit := Y
requestLimit := X
key := +6212312341234
otp := randomString(6)
now := currentMillis()
exp := now + timeLimit

# get total of generated phone number in key
validOTPs := redisQuery("ZRANGEBYSCORE $key $now $exp")

# Limitting request
if count(validOTPs) >= requestLimit
then exit

# Add members to key
redisQuery("ZADD $key $exp $otp")

I think this method is good enough and the simplest one to implement. You can add optional operations like, adding expiration to the key, or removing members that are no longer valid. But this operation is enough to adding expiration to the sets member. You can also use this method to limiting the OTP verification to avoid brute-force.

Thank you for reading!

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