I Create This Blog Using Jekyll

tech · Oct 24, 2020 · ~2 min
Photo by @jessbaileydesigns on Unsplash
Photo by @jessbaileydesigns on Unsplash

This blog is the result of my learning journey about a static-site generator made on top of Jekyll. The design is kinda bad due to my lacked sense of design. To avoid creating a whole trash blog, I tried to ask my friends to give me feedback about the design a bit.

I have tried using the provided theme like Minima but, I just don’t like it after all. That’s why I think it’s better to create my own. I tried to create the simplest design as long as it is easy to be read. I used Coolors, Google Font, Rogue, Jekyll Paginate, Jekyll Feed, and write a bit of Ruby, CSS, and JS for creating the theme itself. I didn’t think creating this simple blog costs me 2 Saturdays, even though it only consists of as many as 3 pages.

After I think the whole template is ready to be published, I create this template repository just in case there’s someone who wants to try Jekyll using my template. It is ready to be deployed, just adjust _config.yaml a bit and a whole blog is ready with it’s auto-generated RSS feeds.

Integrating blog posts to DEV using RSS is not a new thing. But this is a new experience for me since I only write two posts on DEV before. Despite this is a new blog, I have written my thoughts at Medium. I was looking for a way to publish to Medium via RSS feeds, but I didn’t find any. Luckily DEV supports this kind of thing with simple configuration, perhaps I need to adjust the post a bit before publishing it.

Perhaps I’m gonna try to integrate this blog using Webmention and Web Monetization after getting a bunch of visitors, but I’m gonna save it for later.

Thank you for reading!

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